Singalong with a sea cucumber (2020)


Singalong with a sea cucumber / lyrics (a list of Rea-Liina's past performance props)

A silver-coloured, ruffled large skirt made to flutter like Loïe Fuller’s outfit in the early 20th century, but the fabric is heavier and cheaper than Fuller’s, not silk.

A ringing mask made of West African seashells. A giant, at least 5x2.5m, white leotard bag that can accommodate dancing.

 Glowing shreds of sponges in the colors of the rainbow. Summer shoes painted as a pine parquet. Drum set.

 Porn store leather mask. Plasticine in pastel shades. Seven meters of white feather silk. Golden and soft triangles. Flat keyboard.

 A Hoverboard. Tens of meters of waffle fabrics. Japanese clogs. Swedish clogs.

 A great painting, which smells of mold, and reminds of Paris and grandmother and of blossoming orchids. Customs officer’s ski jacket.

 Three meters of white curtain fabric.

 Two naively painted glass bowls. Disney princess dress. Uncoloured cashmere knitwear. Tights with sewn-on teddy bears and other parts.

 Realistically sized left leg sewn from a tablecloth. Wool layer embroidered as a birch body.

 Suit pants that can be teared of in a clichéd male presumption stripper style.

 A plush headdress made of sponges, which can also be used as the back of a sea cucumber. Duvet cover painted as a pine parquet.


This sound installation was shown in Kirjasto/Library group exhibition at Forum Box, Helsinki 2020.

image: Noora Lehtovuori